Refund Guidelines & Policies

The following terms apply to the student(s) who apply to be taken off and/or dismissed from the
course during the duration of the course and request for a refund for the cost of the course. Please be
aware that those who sign the document are acknowledging and agreeing to all statements made below
and will fully understand that they can be used against them in court should the case occur


To be eligible for a refund the student(s) must provide the following documents listed below:

  1. NYC Identification card (Driver’s license or an identification document approved by NYC)
  2. Refund calculation form (Given to the student by the school)
  3. All course documents if given to your during the time of the course
  4. Student Ledger card (If applicable)

In the occurrence where additional document(s) are requested, the school will only keep a scanned
or printed copy of said document and return the original to the student(s). Should the student fail to
provide all necessary documents requested he/she may be not be eligible for a full or partial refund.

If in the case where the student is not eligible for a refund due to insufficient documents provided at
the time of request then there will be a, one time case, granted time of (10) calendar days given to the
student(s) to produce the documents necessary for a partial refund.

Refund will be based upon the number of hours and/or days the student has attended the course as
well as the duration of the course and will also be in accordance with the refund policies set forth by
Education Law Section 5002. This number will be calculated based off the refund formula provided to
the student during the start of the course or verbally during the hours of the course.
However, if a student requests a refund (2) days before the end of the course, the school may deny
the student(s) of any refund.

The School must surrender the agreed upon refund amount within (5) business days of the signing
of the Institutes Refund form & Contract. No exceptions can be made unless agreed upon otherwise.



The American Certification Institute adheres to a strict refund policy and will be in accordance
with set guidelines. A student may appeal the Institute for the following reasons:

  1. Serious illness or injury that prevents you from attending class
  2. Serious situations in which you (the student) or someone related to you has no control over,
    which will affect your ability to attend the registered coursed
  3. All other reasons which may be valid must be consulted with a trainer or school director

The following reasons, while not a complete list, will not be counted as valid reasons for an appeal
under any circumstances:

  1. Failure to maintain acceptable grades for certification as set forth by the curriculum or
    certification standards and law (If applicable)
  2. Failure to maintain a steady and reasonable attendance record which can affect your ability to
    receive your certification
  3. Failure to submit in writing your request for dismissal or contract termination from the school
    or the course
  4. Choosing to attend a different course after signing your admission form
  5. Students will not be eligible for a refund if they are dismissed due to disciplinary reasons.
    American Certification Institute reserves the rights to dismiss a student who academic standing
    or general conduct is considered unsatisfactory
  6. Dissatisfaction with the course content or trainer, unless the trainer is subjected to conditions
    for below average grades
  7. Inability to complete the course due to contract termination, dismissal, and/or withdrawal
  8. Ignorance of all refund policies & appeal policies

Appeals can be initiated by filling out the ACI Refund Calculation form & Contract and submitting it to
the school director, officer, or trainer. Students who are filing an appeal for medical and injury reasons
should include a note from a health professional explaining your medical situation. Appeals for other
reasons should include any documentation that you may have to back up your appeal or if requested
by the filing representative by the institute. The decision the institute makes is final and there will be
no additional appeals process unless a formal statement is given by the director of the institute to
dispute otherwise.